And boom goes the dynamite!

Ultimate Lockdown sees a big boom in bookings!

Ultimate Lockdown sees a big boom in bookings!

The past two weeks have been almost overwhelming at Ultimate Lockdown. Fortunately, we were able to staff up before the big explosion hit, and things more or less went off without a hitch.  But two big things happened at the same time which led us to more than double our bookings these past two weeks.  The first was the launch of Asylum.  The second was an incredibly successful Groupon campaign for Infiltrate 51.

The Asylum launch has been excellent. It’s proving to be a comparably difficult room so if you like a challenge, this one won’t disappoint. Early stats are putting it somewhere around the 20% mark for success rate, but we’re still tweaking it just a little bit and ironing out some elements that trip up a larger segment of players.  It will likely end up in the 25-30% range when the dust settles.  It’s more than a little nerve-racking to launch a new room.  We’d had so many players asking when Asylum would launch that I was reasonably confident that people would show up to the party… but you just never know.  I’m so pleased to say that the room has been booking like crazy and our player surveys have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic so I think we have a hit in this room.

The Groupon offer ended almost as quickly as it began. It launched the morning of Sunday September 3, and by that Wednesday afternoon we hit our monthly limit. I sincerely did not want to oversell the offer and leave people unable to get a booking.  Until further notice, Groupon will sell a very, very small number of these offers on a monthly basis, so if you missed out be sure to keep your eyes open and be quick when you see it pop back up again!

A most sincere thank you to all of you who have come out to try a game (or two, or three).  The busier we are, the more resources we have to put into our next room.  Our continuing goal is to keep outdoing ourselves in game design, puzzle creation, and room staging with each new room.  You guys keep being excited about escape games, and we’ll keep trying to make it better and better.  Deal?

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