An update after 60 days


One of the many teams to successfully beat Infiltrate 51

Today marks just 2 months since we opened our doors. So far the response has been wonderful and I am so pleased that so many of you have enjoyed our games. Along the way we’ve learned some things we didn’t expect, confirmed some things we did, and have had such a great time confounding and challenging Winnipeggers and visitors alike.

Real life escape rooms are a lot of fun, but to maximize your enjoyment you need to approach the game with the right frame of mind. First off, it’s about having fun. Whether you beat the room or the room beats you, what’s important is that you enjoy the challenge. Groups that have a high energy level, communicate well, and laugh a lot tend to get the most out of the experience. Groups that are singly focused on “winning” may not enjoy the game as much whether they beat the room or not.

Another thing we’ve learned is that well intentioned people break stuff. All. The. Time. It’s shocking sometimes just how hard groups can be on the puzzles and props. I’ve spent far more time fixing broken stuff than I’d ever imagined. This discovery didn’t exactly come out of left field. In my research prior to opening Ultimate Lockdown one of the things that kept coming up from other operators was how rough people are on props, locks, and other items. But try as I did to account for that in game design (and I think overall I did about as well as I could have), I wasn’t prepared for how often we’d need to replace locks or fix broken things. Every room is checked over after every game to be sure that the next group will have a terrific game experience.

The team building element of real life escape rooms is perhaps one of the highlights of operating this business. I really can’t think of a better way to get a group of people to work together to solve problems than to lock them in a room and make them solve problems – while having fun in the process. Teams must develop a strategy, use abstract thinking, and communicate well in order to be successful.

For the last few weeks I’ve been busy working on our next room. Asylum should be launching within the next few weeks. It’s already well under development. I won’t give away too many details just yet, but I can tell you it promises to be an escape room like no other you’ve seen.

A huge thank you to all of you who have supported us in our first 60 days. If you have only done one of our two current rooms, we’d love it if you’d come back and try the other one.



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